Cultural, international and entrepreneurial, do you know where is Lille ?

Lille’s agency is invested in making relocation a success

As a development consultant to growing companies, Lille’s agency provides assistance every day to entrepreneurs opening up shop in the Lille region. Some come from abroad, but 42% of them are from companies within France. Moving to the Lille metro area sometimes means that teams must relocate and stereotypes about the northern regions of France may cause some stress.

Working in Lille

Eight out of ten workers would like to leave Paris and move to the provinces but after often blinded by their belief in inaccurate stereotypes! Yet, working in Lille would make it so that they could, for example, avoid getting up when it’s still dark, take the time to help their children get dressed so that they leave the house with two matching socks, or even take a moment to appreciate an (excellent and inexpensive) beer after work. Working in Lille also means the chance to be part of the area’s vibrant talent pool and participate in many opportunities to grow professionally. Working in Lille means spreading your wings in a professional environment that is always on the move. It encourages innovation and leads change with the region’s showcase business parks and business clusters. To assist growing companies and reassure their teams about a new life up north, we’ve launched Lille vs Paris with our partner, Konfiture, a communications agency located in Roubaix.


Living in Lille

Focusing on themes related to everyday life such as commuting, restaurants, buying a first home, these minimalist, clever images show the reality of life in Lille and Paris, side-by-side. The goal of this collaborative project is to dispel stereotypes so that we can laugh together, encourage each other and learn something new along the way. Living in Lille means having the opportunity to take time to really live, to experience family life to its fullest, and to have access to a natural, healthy and dynamic lifestyle. Living in Lille means being part of a city that offers first-rate culture and sports and a wide range of fun and relaxing activities. It means you can hop off to Bruges for the weekend because it’s so close, or take in the seaside view in Malo one Sunday morning just because you want to breathe in that ocean air.

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