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July 2014

Corporate report 2013

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The year 2013 was a pivotal year. Given the realities of today’s economic world, Lille’s agency has adopted a new organisation and new functions. The initial results are promising: the agency’s new approach is proving even more efficient in meeting the needs of today’s growing businesses.

The development of the agency’s new range of services is centred on two objectives that are essential for companies in development: Time to Market, and a business model based on an integrated ecosystem that optimises production of goods or services.

This project is run by a dynamic team focused on growth and committed to the economic actors of Lille Metropole. A number of high-profile projects have taken place, with economic results superior to those of previous years, and the net number of jobs created has set a historic high for the agency.

The quality of the agency’s services has been recognized with the 2013 Prize for Best International Agency, awarded in Denver by the Site Selectors Guild. This is the first time that this honor has been given to a European organization, and the prize was shared by Lille’s agency and Nord France Invest.

Globally, Lille’s appeal was recognized by the ICCA in its annual classification of international convention cities. Lille made a giant leap in 2013, reaching the 106th spot in the world, up from 263rd in 2012. It is ranked no. 59 in Europe, and is among the “Top 10” French cities.

These awards pay tribute to the collective drive and energy of all the actors of the Lille area, among whom Lille’s agency is but one, devoted to helping companies succeed.


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