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July 2013

Corporate report 2012

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Since I took over as head of Lille’s agency, and I must thank the directors for renewing their confidence in me, I have tried to focus our efforts on what we do best: project managing companies’ new developments. Tomorrow, we will be facing new challenges with the world’s most dynamic managers, people who want to develop by rethinking the core principles of strategy implementation within the constant constraints of time-to-market and risk management.

We now have a clear strategy, an innovative client-focused organisation and an ambitious road map.. Our aims: to support company management as far upstream in their thinking as possible. It is the project that is best thought-through that creates the most value. Asking the right question, at the right time, in the right way. Knowing why it needs to be asked. This is how a company can have the best chance of successful development.

Today, we can support companies in the most effective way, wherever they are located, creating innovative solutions together. Our mission is to assist growing companies from across the globe.Our challenge is to deliver ever more tailored and innovative solutions.

We are sure that, tomorrow, however chaotic the international environment may be, our teams can help current and future business leaders complete their relocation to the heart of the European market with still greater efficiency.

Luc DOUBLET, Lille’s agency president, july 2013

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