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UP-tex is a “competitivity cluster” based in Nord Pas de Calais region in France, labeled in 2005 by French authorities, and working on advanced textile materials.

Up-Tex is daily committed for:

  • The economic development of its company members
  • The industrial renewal by the emergence and conduct of R&D projects
  • But above all the marketing of these innovations.

The ambition to put textile materials at the heart of future materials is now shared by a network of 140 UP-tex members, large or small innovative companies, research laboratories, schools and universities.

UP-tex supports the development of new products, services and processes that create value and jobs.


With 116 certified projects, including 83 funded from the beginning, and thanks to our new CETI, the European Centre for Innovative Textiles, UP-tex mobilizes to increase its activity, expand its network in France and abroad, arouse innovation, support R&D projects and develop businesses and laboratories growth.




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