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With a strong presence in the Nord-Pas de Calais and in Picardie, I-Trans is known as one of the most successful competitiveness cluster in France and has become a national reference in the railway sector.

The center includes big groups, intermediate and medium-sized companies and laboratories from all directions in ambitious innovation projects that result in approved prototypes as well as industrialized and marketed products. Thus, the center provides a major contribution to the development of competitiveness and employment within railway and car industries.


A territory dedicated to the land transport industry

The innovation conveyed by i-Trans is an answer to major stakes regarding land transport market. It ensures the best chances of launching on the market innovative products and services.

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Limit environmental impacts
  • Develop performance and reliability
  • Strengthen security and safety
  • Include a design aspect


A European-scale railway sector:

18% of the European turnover for urban and intercity rolling stock construction is generated in the region. Boosted by the I-Trans Center and the European Railway Agency (based in Valenciennes and Lille), this is a worldwide sector.


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