Strategic analysis & business model

Relocating your company or opening a new office means that you’re looking to penetrate new markets. An analysis of your business model can help focus your strategic thinking by highlighting the opportunities as well as the risks in your new environment. This type of analysis can provide a local business model for growth, adding significant value.


The importance of strategic analysis

This analysis helps entrepreneurs translate their strategic vision into an actual business development project. The further upstream the new market penetration analysis takes place, the more likely it will be to help you experience concrete successes and profitability. Lille’s agency’s expertise in market entry strategy will help lead you to the right outcome.


The elements of strategic analysis

Analyzing your business model helps you more clearly define your strategic objectives and identify specific growth opportunities related to establishing your company in a new region. The challenges that you, as a leader within your company, will face include local issues, current standards, supply chain management and others. A company needs to have specific benchmarks or key success indicators to rapidly and successfully launch new initiatives. A company that decides to establish a presence in the Lille metro area will be able to benefit from all the expertise that Lille’s agency has to offer in this area.


A promising model

Our initial contact and assistance has rapidly convinced numerous companies who, today, are able to benefit from our full range of offerings. Our commitment to our client companies makes a difference to their daily operations. For more than 30 years, Lille’s agency has focused on the challenges faced by companies in growth mode: their ability to deliver products and services in their new environment with a quality that is equal or superior to what they were previously able to deliver. With a proven new business model, you will be able to benefit from local opportunities for growth and innovation.