Risk management & time-to-market

Risk management and time-to-market factors are key to a successful new market penetration strategy. Lille’s agency provides its clients with extensive knowledge of the region, access to local business players and the local business environment to help you anticipate, identify, and control the factors that lead to business success in the region.


Risk management: transform risk into opportunity

Risks come in many forms, including social, environmental and financial. Every company is exposed to some type of risk that can pose a threat to its goals. When entering new markets, risk is often underestimated during the development phase. When risk is anticipated and planned for, it can be turned around to become an opportunity. It’s Lille’s agency’s role to help control any breakdowns in the process and ensure efficient HR policy (hiring as well as internal relocation programs), real estate investment and resolve any legal issues that could affect your project. How do we do this? We connect you and your company to the new business environment, clients and customers, investors and bankers, partners, suppliers, insurance companies, and more. Whether the risk you face is strategic, systemic or operational, we’re prepared to help you with a myriad of possible scenarios and have a wide-range of solutions ready for you. Take a quick look to our clients and their business development project in Lille.


Time-to-market solutions: knowing when the time is right

Almost everyone would like to be better at time management. The time-to-market process is a simple and efficient way to improve the speed with which products enter the marketplace. It also accounts for external market forces using a specific, disciplined approach. Lille’s agency helps you overcome the major challenge of time-to-market. Establishing your company in a new business environment provides you with a unique opportunity to increase your upstream access to resources. It can also help you improve time-to-market for your products and services downstream while you remain on the cutting edge. The ultimate goal is to be able to bridge the gap between strategic ideals and operational practice.