Innovation, growth & market entry strategy

From the outside, it isn’t always easy to understand what a region has to offer. Your company’s success in the Lille metro area depends on implementing your business model, and so much more. It is also determined by your ability to benefit from the innovative local opportunities available to you. Lille’s agency can serve as your strategic partner for growth in a region located within the heart of Europe.


Innovation and local growth

Having a local presence allows you to create a strong network. This network is often the source of innovative technological or operational opportunities. Our ability to intelligently interface with our wide-ranging network puts you into contact with valuable resources and creates a solid foundation for growth. We will help you formulate and clarify your requirements so that your local project is successful and so that you are able to benefit from the region’s synergies. These synergies will positively contribute to your strategic planning, project design, creativity, R&D and more. In addition, you will benefit from personalized project consulting adapted to your requirements. It will help you take advantage of the potential opportunities that have identified for you.


An environment that encourages entrepreneurship

The Lille metro area is very innovative and cultivates entrepreneurship. Our region has built a flexible and reactive environment that focuses on your needs. Today, seven centers of excellence are bustling sites that encourage cooperation and innovation. These centers are dedicated to growing the industries of the future:

  • EuraTechnologies focuses on cutting edge digital technologies
  • Eurasanté is a hub for growth in the biology and health sector
  • Euralille is one of France’s top three business parks and a home for the services industry
  • La Haute Borne is a science-focused business park dedicated to innovation and R&D
  • L’Union is a groundbreaking eco-district that focuses on multiple, symbiotic industries, including sports and textiles
  • CETI is a European cluster for the textile industry
  • La Plaine Images is a space devoted to brand development and the creative industries


And there are more projects in the wings, casting a spotlight on e-commerce as well as other industries.


Human capital

A company’s ability to innovate and grow depends on the human resources available. In the Lille metro area, we’ve got that covered! Lille’s institutions of higher learning are very well regarded. The area’s several engineering, business and journalism schools are often ranked in the top three nationwide. The talent trained in the Lille region provides your company with the human resources it needs for extraordinary growth.

Innovation is, in effect, the process of transforming what already exists. This process is often fed by the energy of the resources available. A vibrant labor pool is an important element to consider as are risk management and time-to-market issues.