Business location & local development

The time has arrived for you to establish a presence in a new area. Your strategy has been planned, risks anticipated, opportunities identified, and relationships with partners solidified. But, there is still one important step that must be taken to make it all a reality. The success of your venture is assured by assistance that focuses on your and your customers’ needs. Lille’s agency is there for you.

Who? Where? When? How? There are so many issues that can lead to an unsuccessful foray into a new region. This is where Lille’s agency comes into the picture as a valuable consultant. The agency provides the expertise and commitment that you need at this critical juncture. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we customize our approach to your specific needs so that you get what you deserve: excellence.


A favorable local financial environment

We can help you identify assistance or funding that will contribute to your success in our region. Many possible solutions exist: public and private assistance (linked to job creation, real estate, etc.), local investors (angel investors, private business accelerators, etc.) as well as bank offerings. No matter what your specific situation, there are many assistance programs in place to help you find the appropriate financing for your project. It just makes good sense to set up a solid financial foundation before putting your plan into place.


Lille, the right place to establish your company

With 85 local communities, the Lille metro area provides a supportive infrastructure and new ideas to welcome your business development project. Rent? Build? Buy? Each company has a solution that fits its needs. Finding the right space for your company can be a challenge and it involves more than just how many square meters you need. As you search for the perfect facility location, the metro area offers you warehouses, store fronts and offices, for sale or rent. Many solutions exist for office space including specialized business parks, business centers, incubators, business nurseries, business hotels and more. Your partners, including Lille’s agency, are here to offer assistance and customized solutions. A public entity that tracks business real estate is available to provide information on what’s available in the Lille metro area and provide you with detailed statistics on business space in the Lille region.


Once you’re ready to go, find the right talent

Attracting and retaining top talent is also a key success factor when opening an office or facility in a new location. For companies moving to the area, Lille’s agency also provides assistance with recruiting, hiring and integrating employees into their new environment, through human resources and relocation consulting.


Your reputation is important

As you establish your presence, it’s important to be seen and understood. Business communication plays a crucial role in making you visible within your new business environment in France. Lille’s agency offers its expertise and knowledge to help you communicate efficiently with your target audiences, including for online and offline communications, PR (releases, conferences); event organization (grand openings, seminars, business luncheons, etc).


Set up in France ? Let’s partner for your success

So that you have the keys to success at hand and so that we can provide targeted assistance, we work with you to create both strategic and operational plans. Thanks to our direct line to the Lille business community, we can put you in contact with the advice and expertise you need from our network of professional partners.

Our business managers and consultants are committed to leveraging their expertise to help prepare you for your new business environment—leading to successes that exceed your expectations!