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Vestiaire Collective

January 01, 1970

Vestiaire Collective is the European leader in the sale of online clothing, luxury accessories and fashion, and is a unique platform. The 600,000 pieces that make up his catalog are carefully selected, scrupulously checked and authenticated by expert teams.

Created in October 2009 in Paris, vestiairecollective.com has more than 6 million members in 48 countries and offices in Paris, London, New York, Milan and Berlin.
These are 30,000 new items that are offered weekly by the community of sellers and sellers, allowing each day to sell a selection of more than 3200 pieces in phase with the fashion of the moment.
In October 2017 Vestiaire Collective, opens its new logistics hub on the Union’s eco-neighborhood in Tourcoing. This strategic center will generate the hiring of about 40 permanent positions by the end of 2017 and about 100 jobs over the next three years.
The opening of the center responds to the strong growth in transactions on the platform. It also meets the quality control and distribution requirements of the website, its unique model guaranteeing the control and authentication by experts of 100% of the products that pass through its site.
Ultimately, the logistics hub alone will be able to control, authenticate and ship more than 10,000 products per day. All the products sold by members of the Vestiaire Collective community in Europe will then be processed in France since Tourcoing. This new center is in addition to the two existing logistics platforms in Paris and New York.
This new operation of Vestiaire Collective is part of a strategic geographical position in the heart of Europe and within a dynamic talent pool. The building chosen by Vestiaire Collective is unique because of its historical heritage and its respect for environmental standards.
Sébastien Fabre, founder and CEO of Vestiaire Collective, said: “The desire for Vestiaire Collective to set up an operational center in the north of France, specifically in Tourcoing, is not just a succession of rational decisions. Of course, it is for us to build the operational flows of tomorrow and to multiply our logistic capacities. In this sense, Tourcoing is obvious. However, we especially liked the men met, the foundations of this textile pool and the history of the place. On the other hand, I believe that the role of a growing company is to contribute to the economic dynamics of less favorably exposed areas by creating employment opportunities. »
Thanks to Lille’s Agency, Vestiaire Collective was able to meet all the major players in the Lille region (real estate, suppliers, recruitment, training, financing) and find a perfect match with expectations.
So in a very short time, Lille’s agency’s expertise in setting up an e-commerce operation, the responsiveness of its teams and its wide network enabled us to register our new center in the life of the company. territory and its inhabitants.

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