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MT2I-EBM: a French-German partnership for innovative electricity

October 29, 2015

MT2I, founded in Pérenchies near Lille by Jean-François Defaux in 2004, merged with the German company EBM in 2012. Even though they are 450 kilometers apart, a common goal unites them: to become a leader in the installation, management and sale of electrical products for the manufacturing and service industries.

MT2I, from specialization to diversification

The company is located in northern France where it has 20 employees. MT2I was originally specialized in renewable energy, solar panel installation and wind turbine maintenance. Since working with EBM, MT2I has extended its offerings, adding electricity to its expertise. MT2I benefits from EBM’s technological, financial and HR knowledge.
EBM, expert electrical engineering
Located in Osnabrück, Germany, EBM employs 190 people. For over 40 years, EBM has distinguished itself with its electrical engineering know-how, applicable to diverse industries. Its successful expansion in Germany led it to open a research office in Colmar, France for an international foothold. In the company’s view, France is a market ready for growth. In 2012, EBM wanted to expand into northern France through acquisition. This path would help it learn about the specifics of the French market.


A French-German partnership: innovation and adaptation

By teaming up with MT2I, EBM capitalized on MT2I’s knowledge of the market and French business practices. It was during this time that Lille’s agency became involved to help create this partnership. Business cultures and approaches differ in the two countries and the agency provided valuable assistance that saved the new entity significant time.
Within three years, MT2I-EBM had launched patented power management systems like the LEC, ComEC and HS-100. The company develops, installs and sells a diverse product set:

  • detection radar Wavetec products for road safety
  • certified recharging stations for electrical and hybrid vehicles
  • electrical equipment for public buildings (hospitals, airports, casinos, super stores, etc.)
  • development of power management software

The strength of the MT2I/EBM partnership is their ability to adapt. French employees with German know-how behind them have proven this with the exceptional products they create.


2015, national recognition

MT2I-EBM has won bids for a wide range of projects, particularly in the Paris region. Some examples of these successes include:

  • the Emirates lounge at Charles de Gaulle airport
  • renovation of the Hôtel Opéra Terminus in Paris
  • the conference center at the Hyatt Regency Paris
  • construction project launch for the Legoland park on the Forum des Halles in Paris, September 2015
  • construction site for Germany Embassy in Paris, scheduled to begin by the end of 2015


A visionary leader

Andrea Ennen MT2I EBM Nord FranceAndreas Ennen, President of MT2I-EBM, is full of ideas for the company’s future. Here’s one we can share that will go live in France in 2016: a digital solution for truck drivers to resolve problems they face when parking at rest stops. “We are currently developing an application to let drivers know, in real time, the number of truck parking spaces that are still available, using GPS for their location.” Parking is a major problem for this profession in France. Truck drivers are subject to strict regulations and they suffer from a lack of real-time information about where they can park on their routes.

We are sure to hear more from this innovative company in the future.


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