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IBM Services Center, a world leader’s new business model

October 07, 2015

In June 2013, the American computer giant was opening a location in the Lille metro area at EURATECHNOLOGIES IT business park. The opening of this new services center in Lille provided a real opportunity for the company to focus on developing future technologies. Let’s review the steps leading to the opening of these offices and find out why IBM chose to invest in Lille.

Continual transformation to stay ahead of technological change

A technology leader, IBM Global Business Services helps clients innovate and grow. IBM is positioned as a partner for businesses who focus on innovative strategic thinking and helps them sustainably differentiate their value in a competitive market. IBM offers its partners a wide range of far-reaching resources – skilled consulting, computer systems, software, services, funding and advanced technologies – to assist them with becoming leading companies in innovation.

IBM, which celebrated 100 years in France in 2014, has always known how to transform itself to stay ahead of technological change and, in that way, stay in tune with its clients’ changes,” said Alain Bénichou, CEO of IBM France, during the inauguration of the services center in Lille.


Creating 700 jobs in 5 years

The IBM Services Center in Lille targeted the creation of 700 jobs within five years.
To attain this goal, the Lille IBM Services Center worked hand-in-hand with local governments to sign a three-way agreement that included Lille’s agency, Nord France Invest and EuraTechnologies. The company was depending on the talent pool created from the many technology training programs in the region to make this center a real growth engine. The agreement focused on:

  • Developing an action plan focused on recruiting 700 people, including networking and speed-networking events
  • Creating a dedicated team, including all stakeholders in the recruitment process
  • Creating partnerships with local schools and universities along with a specialized training program

To gain visibility, the IBM Service Center also used its web presence and communication network to reach future candidates by:

  • Organizing a press conference with local leaders, the local media and important players in the regional IT scene
  • Organizing an educational event on digital careers for students with a very special guest: Joanne Collins-Smee, General Manager, Globally Integrated Delivery Capabilities, Global Business Services at IBM.
  • Developing strategic recommendations to ensure tech industry visibility for future recruiting.


Optimize staffing thanks to local support

In partnership with Lille’s agency since November 2012, IBM Services Center was able to get a strong foothold in the region’s digital ecosystem.

Lille’s agency was a major reason for the success of our local office, helping us integrate into the regional business environment. The agency provided us with valuable guidance on various subjects, specifically recruiting and communications. The agency’s expertise and knowledge of local industry players were crucial,” – Nicolas Milhe, President, IBM Services Center

To recruit young men and women who will have an opportunity to launch their careers in a professional milieu within a growing industry, IBM also tapped the local job service agency, local schools, universities and governments.
A work group co-chaired by Lille’s agency is solidifying a local project to attract, train and maintain a pool of young IT talent in the region: Invest In Digital People.

IBM Services Center Lille today

Two years after the services center opened in Lille, the IBM subsidiary can say that things have gone very smoothly.
The company opened three sites simultaneously. One in the Netherlands, another in Germany and one in France, in Lille. Today, it is the Lille services center that has grown the most quickly, with more than 300 employees as of September 2015.
The only setback is that IBM Services Center Lille would like to attract more women. If you’d like to work with a large international company, ladies, go for it–it’s happening right here!


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