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Growth at Smarteo Water, the company that makes water smart

May 30, 2016

A company that doubles its workforce every year? Believe it! And, it’s located in Roncq. We’re talking about Smarteo Water, a company we partnered when they were setting up shop in northern France. This expert in computerized water networks has attained its goals and has become a significant player in the smart water market.

Connecting water networks, connecting to markets


Loïc Charron and Pierre Polier, co-founders of Smarteo Water, had the foresight to:

  • Enter the promising smart water market.
  • Distribute powerful Arad smart water meters that are known worldwide.
  • Select the best location for conquering the French market and growing their company’s international customer base.

Since then, their entrepreneurial adventure has turned into a real success story. After three years in business, the company has a roster of over a hundred clients including various municipalities and Sogedo, the fourth leading distributor of water in France. The company has installed 250,000 water meters.


Expansion projects

As the company reaches its expansion goals, Loïc Charron is thrilled to be able to consolidate his entire team in one place while having easy access to all of France. “We plan on continuing to expand within the French market before attacking the international arena–and specifically the Benelux countries–from our headquarters in Roncq,” he states.
Charron points out the advantages of the local business environment:

“Since we have set up in Roncq, a key word comes to mind: convergence–a convergence of local players, both public and private, who are helping us grow. We feel a cohesiveness in Lille that contributes to our growth!”


The next step in the company’s growth strategy

On May 3, 2016, after two years operating in the International Transport Center in Roncq, Smarteo Water announced a new project–the installation of a water meter assembly line by the end of the year. To facilitate the integration of this new activity into its value chain as well as adding 10 new staff members (we told you that they doubled their number of employees often!), Smarteo Water will leave their location in Roncq to move to…a new location in Roncq! This brand new building will provide 500 m2 of space. The city is offering the company real estate incentives at the new Pierre Mauroy business park. This marks another new beginning for Charron and Polier.


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