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Espaciel : natural light increased using a reflector

June 16, 2015

This feat is possible thanks to Lille-based Espaciel. It took two years to develop this ground-breaking product. A reflector placed on a window enables a 50% increase in the natural light found indoors. We interviewed Alexi Hervé to find out more about how his company got off the ground.

espaciel réflecteur de lumière


When you arrived in Lille, did you anticipate your company developing in an environment so favorable to innovation?

In the beginning, I was planning to start my company in Rotterdam. After I visited the Salon des Entrepreneurs in Paris in 2011, my intentions quickly changed. It all happened very quickly! I visited the Lille metro region, under the guidance of Lille’s agency and the agency’s local partners. I was won over by the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative initiatives present in the region. A complete, connected and credible environment existed in support of my business plans.

Two years after being founded in Lille, at what stage is your company in its development?

After having participated in an incubator at Tonic in the Arts et Métiers school for two years, I founded Espaciel in 2013. Since October 2014, we have been increasing sales of our star product: the light reflector. Since launching our mass market line, we have doubled our sales. Most of our sales are online. We have customers in 10 countries and our strategic growth focus for 2015 and 2016 is in the export market.

What factors have been key to your success?

First is customer satisfaction: success in making indoor environments brighter, ease of installation, and the value of the product relative to its cost. Our main goal is to serve our clients by improving their well-being.
We are also very proud of our local roots. We value the Made in Lille label! More than 50% of our components are manufactured locally. Espaciel has created a solid network of partners in the region and in Belgium where 20% of our sales take place.

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Alexi HERVE Fondateur et dirigeant d’Espaciel LILLE


Founder and General Manager at Espaciel



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