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Bayer HealthCare, relocation and social responsibility

March 04, 2014

In 2007, Bayer HealthCare decided to move its headquarters from Paris to the Eurasanté in Lille, the biggest health-care campus in Europe. To offer its employees optimal working conditions, a task force was composed including Lille’s Agency.

To help this company, of which 66% of the workforce is female, a number of measures were taken to facilitate the transition, notably assistance for employees who decided to move to Lille (help in finding housing, assistance for spouses, and solutions for commuting and telecommuting). The result proved highly satisfactory, exceeding the expectations of the nearly 40 employees who relocated to the Lille metropolitan area. A vast recruitment campaign was also launched, with the objective of recruiting some 80 employees.


Bayer Healthcare is recognized for its values and its approach to social responsibility, which testify to its commitment to the principle of professional equality between women and men.

“Valuing professional equality between women and men means recognizing the key objective of benefiting from a rich diversity of talents, which is both a factor of social equilibrium and economic efficiency for our enterprise. Given our products, our customers and our position on the market, integrating this into our strategy helps ensure the competitiveness of our enterprise for the long term,” explains Luc Derache, HR Director of Bayer HealthCare.


In parallel, an innovative charter on gender equality has been established at Bayer. Here are a few of the themes it addresses:

  • Respect the principle of equal treatment between women and men throughout the recruitment process.
  • Ensure that women and men are equally represented among the different jobs within the enterprise.
  • Promote equal opportunity in the career development of women and men.
  • Take into account parenthood at the enterprise by making it easier to reconcile the professional and personal lives of employees who are parents and by putting in place measures specifically designed for parents.


Results: a narrowing of the salary gap between men and women, and better accompaniment of parents (assistance for future mothers and fathers, day-care, etc.), all of which have helped Bayer HealthCare strengthen its attractiveness in the territory and retain its talents.

Bayer HealthCare was awarded the Responsible Economy Trophy in 2014 for its CSR approach.


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