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A2PLAST invests in the plastics second life

September 25, 2014

Specializing in the management of waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), APR2 has advanced its business by investing in the reuse of plastic materials. The company has become a leader in polymer waste recycling by developing innovative applications that limit the need to use resources produced with fossil fuels.

APR2 chose Lille’s agency to guide the company through creating its subsidiary, A2PLAST, at the Eco Industria site in Lesquin.


Recycled materials are used

to create elements that are then used in the production of street furniture, traffic signs or materials for home maintenance such as siding and baseboards.


A2PLAST uses mixed plastic waste in the Nord – Pas de Calais area

to advance this approach through industrial manufacturing techniques. These products are manufactured using assembly line processes.


Lille’s agency’s assistance with this group’s financial engineering

has allowed for investments to be made in industrial equipment and significant capital to be raised. Recognized as a company with a workplace that is welcoming to all, APR2 and A2PLAST include the disabled in their workforce.

A2PLAST also sell their services to localities, major businesses, and industrial concerns.


A2PLAST continues to focus on development

and will soon be releasing a new, patented electrostatic separator, designed by APR2 and to be made available in the international marketplace. This device will offer an innovative solution for sorting polymers using a triboelectric process, making it possible to attain a purity level of more than 99%.


A2PLAST joins RoxPet, Nord Pal-Plast and Vitamine T in establishing Eco Industria as a showcase in France for the socially responsible economy: collecting, sorting and transforming waste into finished goods, all at the same site.


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