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TradeTracker challenges the French affiliate-marketing networks

May 20, 2014

Founded by Paul van Doorn in the Netherlands in 2004, TradeTracker International over the last 10 years has become the European leader of affiliate marketing.

TradeTracker challenges the French affiliate-marketing networks

Present in 18 countries, the company attributes its success to its partnership approach. By finding the right local partner, the company can rapidly enter foreign countries and penetrate local markets.

The French platform was no exception to this rule. The Dutch founders had long set their sights on France and were considering opening an office in Paris, because of that city’s concentration of headquarters and affiliate-marketing companies. But for this project, the decisive factor was missing: a French partner ready to launch TradeTracker France. Enter Dominique Tanaka, director of TradeTracker Belgium, who has led a team based in Bruges since 2008. Devoting part of his time to finding a suitable site in France, he quickly came up with a top candidate: EuraTechnologies in Lille, a destination close to the headquarters in the Netherlands and the offices of northern Europe.

He convinced the Dutch directors to place their bets on the capital of French Flanders. “EuraTechnologies proved to be the best choice. With a real concentration of companies dedicated to e-commerce, this site is a booster for any enterprise that sets up operations here. Its sphere of influence is already beneficial to us. For example, it makes it easy for us to reach out to companies in the northern part of France,” Dominique Tanaka says.


2013: TradeTracker France opens in Lille.

Its director, Dominique Tanaka, devises a development plan and puts together a team of 8 employees at the Lille platform. The team replicates the innovative model and tools developed in the Netherlands, which attracts numerous clients. “We provide a high quality of service to our clients by assigning an account manager for each affiliate-marketing campaign. Our proprietary tracking technology, DirectLinking, allows clients to develop their natural referencing, thanks to the direct links of the advertisers. TradeTracker offers a transparent service, because we allow the clients to have access to their advertisers and to communicate with them via a ticketing system,” says Foued Ben Salem, sales manager.


250 contracts signed over the last year.

The Lille team plans to confirm this excellent launch and raise itself to the Top 3 affiliate-marketing companies within the next four years.

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