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SweetCake : a french 3D printing culinary innovation for a happy birthday

November 10, 2015

No more impersonal restaurant cakes at your child’s birthday celebration! Poivre Rouge, a French restaurant chain, and the agency Webpulser, located in Roubaix (59), are developing a 3D printing solution with Sweet Cake 3D for easily and creatively customizing your cakes.

SweetCake : a french 3D printing culinary innovation for a happy birthday

How it works

Each customer uses an online interface to order a customized cake up to 48 hours in advance. The customer can create a design in chocolate by selecting the cake sentiment and choosing an image from an existing library. The restaurant receives the order and prepares the cake for the day of the celebration. Everything is ready for the party and the only thing left is to taste the masterpiece!

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Webpulser’s Wenove brand focuses on innovative projects and using inventions and technologies to help companies develop new products and services, states Quentin Tousart, Director of Webpulser


It’s my son’s birthday soon, where can I order?

The product we discover during the Shopping Innovation Lab openning isn’t available to the pubic yet and is still in the prototype stage. In the first quarter of 2016, it will be available as a pilot project in one of Poivre Rouge’s 60 restaurants. The restaurant chain is pioneering the use of applied 3D printing techniques for cake decorating, a totally new concept in the restaurant world.

We would like to wish them luck and ask them to hurry up – we can’t wait!

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