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Sparkow, transition from a Lille start-up to a major player in the European market

December 02, 2014

Compario, which became Sparkow in 2014, was a start-up software company providing SaaS solutions specializing in e-commerce based on EuraTechnologies, a leading Lille ICT. How did Sparkow transition from a Lille start-up to a major player in the European market?

Sparkow, transition from a Lille start-up to a major player in the European market

Today, Sparkow is positioned as one of the only companies offering a pragmatic approach to the challenges of merchandising, recommendations, and personalization while meeting three objectives: improving the customer buying experience, boosting performance for the entire business, and increasing sales force productivity.

R&D and Innovation are the management team’s main themes. As a result, in 2010, the company broke into the top 10 list at Deloitte Technology Fast 50, which recognizes French high-tech companies that blend innovation and growth.


2013, Strategic Shift

Since the arrival of Stéphane Vendramini as CEO in 2013, the company has undergone a strategic shift to a cross-channel model. “We offer our clients an operations-based response to current and future problems that business users experience with connected commerce. Sparkow offers a new multi-faceted interactive model for Internet users as well as unified, cross-channel management for navigation, recommendation, and merchandising,” Stéphane Vendramini, Sparkow CEO, explained.


2014, Internationalization

This new approach was reinforced in October 2014 when Compario became Sparkow. This change better reflected its position, vision, innovation strategy, expertise, and robust solutions. This name change also helped deploy its model internationally.

“With more than 150 merchant applications in just a few years, Sparkow has had great success positioning itself in the French and Belgian markets: websites, mobile applications, call centers, and has a presence in over 20 countries where our solutions are used. It is now time to deploy this model at the international level, “ said Vendramini.


With support from major investors such as BPI, Capitalaria, Xange, and Isource, now is the right time for the company and its team of 40 experts to launch a European expansion.


Good luck, Sparkow!

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