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Lille's famous pastry shop "Aux Merveilleux" exports its success to the United States

June 10, 2015

Have you ever had the opportunity to taste the delicious pastry called “Fred’s Marvel”? It’s a divine concoction of meringue covered in chocolate whipped cream and chocolate shavings. You haven’t? Then you need to run on over to this Lille-based company, founded in 1982 by Frédéric Vaucamps, otherwise known simply as Fred.

Lille's famous pastry shop

An innovative concept and unique recipe

1 pastry per minute is prepared before the eyes of clients who come to see the delicious process in action. And you should see the line! It was an immediate success thanks to Fred’s special recipe that hasn’t changed in 15 years: a light meringue with whipped cream and some secret ingredients that are closely guarded by the chef.
Since the creation of Fred’s Marvel, additional flavors and frostings have been added as well additional sizes including bite-sized and individual portions and a full-sized pastry which can be cut into 24 pieces.

Continual growth in the past 10 years

The first shop opened in the Vieux Lille neighborhood in 1982 and Frederic Vaucamps then decided to open additional locations in Lille in 2004, followed by one in Knock, Belgium. In 2008, the Aux Merveilleux shop opened its doors to pastry lovers in Paris and then in 2013, in Brussels.
Branching out into new markets from Lille and opening shops in three European capitals was a goal within reach. It was natural then, that after Paris and Brussels, Aux Merveilleux would open a London branch in 2014.
The growth didn’t stop there: Fred is out to conquer the United States too! In January 2015, the 17th Aux Merveilleux boutique was opened in New York City on 8th Avenue, right in the middle of Manhattan! A fan of the US for many years, this French-Beglian entrepeneur will manage the New York shop himself.
With all of his success, Fréderic Vaucamps is most proud of being able to create jobs around the world.
What a marvelous story!
Need something sweet? Visit Fred’s marvelous boutiques here!

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