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Kilti: putting culture in the bag!

November 18, 2015

Museums, festivals, plays, events—Lille is pulsing with culture and crawling with artists! Visiting the Lille region, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the cultural attractions it has to offer. This concentration of cultural activities makes the region appealing and it also inspired Kilti, an association that directs attention to the local artist community.

Kilti: putting culture in the bag!

Kilti—what’s up with that?

It’s a team, it’s a network and it’s…goodie bags!
Founded in February 2014 by three people with roots in the region, Kilti is an association led by Laudine Verbraeken. “Kilti has two objectives that the team and I focus on wholeheartedly every day: promoting artists and local performance venues and keeping our offerings accessible through low ticket prices,” she explains. In Lille, Kilti distributes 500 goodie bags per year to its 1,000 kiltiners (Kilti subscribers, of course)!

A Kilti bag contains:

  • something interesting to read (a book, graphic novel or fanzine)
  • something to tempt the visual or auditory senses (a CD or a DVD)
  • two sets of tickets to a show or concert
  • and, a surprise


, Kilti propose de la culture en circuit court à Lille

Everything is placed in an artist-designed silkscreened cloth bag and distributed at a special evening launch event.
Kilti’s three employees receive a lot of support from a dozen or so volunteers who help find the artists and organizations that Kilti highlights. Inspired by a local co-op’s network for distributing baskets of fruits and vegetables, Kilti offers a fast track to culture!



It’s not just any goodie bag!

kilti votre panier culturel nord de france lille

Sold for either €25 or €49, the goodie bag provides an eclectic cultural bonanza of carefully selected items. The date and time that the goodie bags will be distributed is communicated when orders are placed. On a given evening, kiltiners grab their bags and take in an exhibit or workshop and exchange ideas with the artists and other kiltiners. “The goodie bags are a way to veer off the beaten path and discover works that might otherwise have escaped notice,” adds Iwona Pierrard, the group’s communications manager.


A goodie bag that’s traveling to Paris and Brussels

Approaching its two-year anniversary, Kilti is multiplying. With a branch in Paris as of June 2014, Bruxelles in April 2015, and in the Littoral (the Dunkerque, Calais, Saint-Omer region) as of April 2015, the association is expanding the concept. “Three launch parties and more than 300 goodie bags distributed in Brussels alone is an excellent start,” notes Iwona Pierrard. She adds, “The artists are thrilled. They appreciate this alternative to mainstream culture that we are invigorating and it brings them a certain notoriety. Some interesting examples are Simon Fache Big Backing Band, Amose, Vanyda, to name a few.”


Kilti on!

Are you ready to be surprised…or be part of the surprise Avec le code promo “lillesagency”, Kilty is offering a 5% discount for Lille’s agency’s members and followers for any orders made by December 31, 2015…
And to pique your curiosity, the theme of the next goodie bag is the Seven Deadly Sins! The distribution event will be held the evening of December 4 at 7 pm at the CRAC (Lomme). Save that date!

Kilti also offers custom-made goodie bags for companies and other organizations.


Promo code Kilty

Just use the promo code lillesagency. This code will work for all Kilti products, throughout the entire Kilti network.


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