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Clic & Walk: the new mystery shopper company

March 23, 2015

Launched in February 2012, Clic and Walk is a start-up located in the Plaine Images cluster in Tourcoing (northern France). The company is surfing the crowdsourcing wave by offering compensation for smartphone-based satisfaction surveys. It’s a ground-breaking new service that aims to help clients expand their customer base.

Clic & Walk: the new mystery shopper company

The modern mystery shopper

It’s possible to control how your resellers showcase your product and to find out if that expensive packaging design really has the desired impact on your target market. This new start-up from the Lille area collects real-time data for its clients about their brand and product distribution.
The company accomplishes this using “mystery customers,” called Clic-Walkers, who carry out their missions using smartphones. The system enables Clic & Walk’s clients to access reliable data about the quality of their products and packaging and efficiently measure their investment.


One of the 10 most innovative start-ups on the planet

Clic & Walk’s concept caught the eye of Netexplo, the global observatory for digital change. The think tank classified Clic & Walk as one of the 10 most innovative start-ups in the world for 2014. The prestige of this recognition is even more obvious when this local success story is seen next to the other very innovative recipients such as Digital Lollipop that transmits taste remotely, Jelly, the image-focused social network created by one of Twitter’s founders, and Shodan, a search engine for Internet-connected devices.


From Lille to the whole Europe

Clic & Walk has high-level clients such as Française des Jeux, the operator of France’s national lottery games, and Renault. And, with more than 150,000 users, is on its way to conquering Europe—expanding into German, the UK and Switzerland in 2013. With the support of the Réseau Entreprendre Nord and a € 750,000 investment from Breega Capital in June 2014, we can only wish this “made in Lille” start-up the best of luck and much success!


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