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BringMeMy: The Lille-based site that helps with delivery

September 28, 2015

Have you spotted a bargain! A collection object, a fetish accessory? Unfortunately, purchase it your way will cost you double price… Bring Me My is the first web site for private transportation. The package-pooling takes place here between particular. Let’s have a look at this new collaborative transportion platform.

BringMeMy: The Lille-based site that helps with delivery

Need something delivered? Here’s a good solution!

Frustration. It always comes from being frustrated. From missing out on the deal of the century.

I was 220 kilometers away from this amazing bike on sale for only €150 on France’s version of Craigslist. It was impossible for me to get to Paris in time. Should I send someone else and pay for their Lille-Paris train ticket? Or pay €70 in transportation costs? At that price, it wasn’t really a good deal anymore, Paul Schryve recounts.

This Lille resident, working in the export industry, thought that “others must have been frustrated by this kind of thing–or will be in the future!”

Like Blablacar, but for objects

Together with a friend in his living room, he came up with the idea of a service that would put people in contact with others who were also looking to facilitate the exchange of items. The approach would use the same principle as crowdsourcing sites.

We came to the same conclusion as Blablacar, a ridesharing service: millions of French people take trips. What’s different about BringMeMy? Rather than a passenger being transported, it’s an object, Paul Schryve explains.

The two parties (the driver and the requester) agree on what the driver will receive for performing the service. It could be a small fee or a service in exchange. Paul likes to give the example of someone who went to London to deliver some wine and cheese. As payback, he was offered free lodging. BringMeMy does not receive any commission. The site is designed to be “100% free and helpful.”

Truly innovative?

Is it just another crowdsourcing site? Focused on a growing niche, the delivery of items between private parties, BringMeMy’s goal is to provide a truly interactive platform. Anyone is free to publish an ad and offer a one-off trip or a recurring route. Paul clarifies, “In contrast to other existing sites on addressing the same topic, the requester directly contacts the driver. Instead of charging for thousands of requests that may end up not getting filled, we prefer to encourage a direct and efficient exchange.”
BringMeMy would like to take it further by offering services to businesses when shipping volumes or frequencies don’t support traditional shipping methods.

If we can also help small businesses reduce pollution and encourage the shortest path to the end, BringMeMy will have found its place in the sharing economy, Paul states.

Launched in August 2015, the site targets a French-speaking public. Its founder has been pleased with the encouraging testimonials it has received. We wish a pleasant journey to BringMeMy!

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