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3D Printing in Lille: the entrepreneurial impression of tri-D

April 11, 2016

Three “Artisans 2.0” working in 3D and digital manufacturing! tri-D or Troisième Révolution des Idées [the Third Idea Revolution] is an innovative, creative agency based in Lille. It dreams of a malleable future, new ways to design and produce, and has hopes of leading the young and not-so-young into the new 3D universe.

3D Printing in Lille: the entrepreneurial impression of tri-D

An entrepreneurial wish

Start your company in Lille when you are already a northerner? That was an obvious choice for Chris Delepierre, an alumnus of the Ecole Centrale Lille and the Skema Business School, and his two friends Thomas Delbergue and Antoine Fouache. Delbergue and Fouache are graduates of the animation program at Pôle IIID and experts in digital 3D design.

Start your company in an industry that you aren’t (yet) familiar with? Chris Delepierre made his choice. “I discovered 3D printing just two years ago and I was very interested in it as a vehicle for my company because it’s a technology that has so many different applications,” he explains. At the same time, this 26-year old who calls Lille home wanted to be an entrepreneur and create something new. “I also wanted to give purpose to this entrepreneurial project,” he notes. Corporate social responsibility (CSR), and the creative and collaborative economy are very important to him.

Founded in a Lille garage in 2014, the company has made progress in the two years since:

1/ The company is incubated at the Entrepreneurial Institute at Lille Catholic University.
2/ tri-D is located in the Grands Ensemble, a group of Lille entrepreneurs
3/ In March 2015, a crowdfunding campaign, mentored by the Troisième Révolution Industrielle, brought in more than €13,000 for the team to develop its projects.

tri-D made its mark in 2015 with Toucher pour voir (Touch to See): a unique Lille project that lets the visually impaired interact with works of art by touching 3D reproductions. This project was awarded the gold Ticket for Change, from a program that supports social entrepreneurship in France.


3D Solutions

The company shares its expertise in digital 3D technologies with others in the region, offering technical services, workshops, training sessions, conferences, sales, and 3D printer integration. The team appreciates being able to educate and offer advice to other companies as well as the general public.
The company has several clients in the construction industry, the arts, distribution and education, including: Bouygues Construction, Cirmad, Sylvagreg, Wattiez Environnement, HappyChic, Lille3000, the LaM Museum, plus various libraries and schools, to name a few.


An environment that encourages value-added creation

tri-D provides creative 3D solutions for the Lille region: 3D printer manufacturers and distributors, 3D printing suppliers, 3D scan service suppliers, design agencies and Fablabs.
The company also collaborates with Dagoma, a 3D printer manufacturer located in Roubaix; Le Coin de la 3D, a 3D file designer, in Annoeullin; Hollusion, a manufacturer of holographic content, in Tourcoing; and Illimake, a consultant on 3D projects, in Lille.
tri-D is a member of Club impression 3D, an association that supports the 3D industry.
News flash: in the beginning of 2017, Lille will be home to the largest makerspace in Europe with Techshop by Leroy Merlin opening up a workshop over 2,700 square meters.

Would you like to see 3D in action at tri-D?

Then rendezvous at our offices at 10 rue des Poissonceaux, Lille, to see a 3D reproduction of Amedeo Modigliani’s Women’s Head,* viewable in 3D using a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Sketfab.
Or contact the tri-D team


* The LaM, museum of modern art, contemporary art and outside art in Villeneuve d’Ascq is offering a retrospective of Amedeo Modigliani’s work through June 5, 2016.

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