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September 2015

Take Eat Easy: access to Lille’s best restaurants, in just one click!

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Launched in Brussels in 2013 and in Paris since last year, the Belgian startup now has a presence in Lille too. Take Eat Easy has an innovative twist on take out: the company specializes in bike-powered food delivery (contributing to our environmental well-being!). After helping the company set up their Lille location, Lille’s agency tested the delivery service. Here’s how it works:


Lille’s best restaurants on your screen !

First, we connect, using the company’s site or app, and then we enter our address. We get a curated list of the best nearby restaurants and are able to access the menu of our choice in just one click! Near the agency, there’s a Chinese restaurant that serves dumplings and bubble tea, a traditional Indian restaurant on the corner, an appealing brasserie that serves northern specialties, and even two or three restaurants serving burgers. We make our selection, submit our order and receive a friendly notice from Take Eat Easy that it’s in progress.

test commande take eat easy lille


First bike-powered food delivery in Lille

Using the same type of technology as a well-known car-sharing service, we can track our delivery person Pierre-Alexandre’s path to our door, thanks to the geolocation app on his smartphone (it might be on yours soon, too). Just like it says on the site, he only takes a few minutes to arrive.


coursiers take eat easy lilleHe’s all smiles—and so are we. He has all the right equipment: an insulated backpack, a helmet, gloves, glasses, and even a polo shirt with the Take Eat Easy logo.



He hands us one paper bag for the hot food and another one for the cold. Since we chose to order some delicious hamburgés from Big Fernand, we’re really anxious to see if they made it all in once piece.


commande take eat easy big fernand burger lille

Everything is neatly arranged inside the bag and appears to have survived the trip, no worse for the wear.

In short, apart from the two dessert spoons that Mr. Fernand forgot to include, we really enjoyed our meal and didn’t have to feel guilty about the environmental impact that delivery-by-motor scooter would have had.

Now we really understand why the company has been such a big success in Paris and why investors have contributed € 20 million to help this new team expand to Lille, Lyon, London and Madrid!


Recruitment at Take Eat Easy Lille

You have the opportunity to shape this small business and drive this young company to become a huge brand into this attractive location in the heart of Lille. Look forward these two jobs offer :


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