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April 2016

Pollutant expert ITGA sets up shop in Lille

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On April 19, 2016, the Institut Technique du Gaz et de l’Air (ITGA) opened a new site in the Parc Scientifique de la Haute Borne in Villeneuve d’Ascq.

Batiment-ITGA_webThe Rennes-based company is a subsidiary of the Carso group and specializes in performing analyses of building pollutants and asbestos. At the location opening, staff welcomed local community leaders, clients and partners, including Lille’s agency.*

ITGA’s mission is to help professionals resolve regulatory issues related to building health and safety as efficiently as possible.

“Our expansion into the Hauts-de-France region allows ITGA to be closer, and more responsive, to our clients and their needs,” states Philippe Troyaux, Director of Development for ITGA France.

The company plans for this laboratory to be one of the three best-equipped sites in the country. In a 1,500-m2 space, the research team uses two high-performance, electronic microscopes on a daily basis to review 7,000 samples and identify the presence of asbestos. The long-term goal is to acquire six such instruments.

Inauguration-ITGA_web“A year ago, when we began the move to Lille, we estimated that we’d be hiring around 50 people. Today, we hope to double that number to around 100 employees total, with many of those positions in the laboratory,” points out Guillaume François. François is director of ITGA’s Lille location.



*We assisted ITGA during the site-selection process and in finding solutions to the company’s funding and HR needs.

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