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New businesses

September 2014

A new intelligent business park in Lille using smart-grid technology

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ARTEA, a nationally-recognized developer and investor specializing in the design and construction of environmental green buildings is developing a third-generation business park within the Lille metropolitan area. The ARTEPARC LILLE-LESQUIN will eventually include 44,000 square meters of office space, covering 10 hectares. Twenty energy-positive certified buildings will be built at the site. This is the first business development in France to rise to the challenge of building for the Third Industrial Revolution. The first buildings at this location are targeted for completion by mid-2015.

Since 2007, ARTEA has been focused on creating certified green buildings that are energy positive. They use energy from solar power plants that are designed, manufactured and operated by subsidiary ARTESOL. The artificial intelligence in these control centers has made it possible for the ARTEPARC LILLE- LESQUIN to be a full participant in the Third Industrial Revolution. This system controls and optimizes the environment and allows energy to be regulated within the building network, creating a local smart grid*.

The GREENVIEW® monitoring system provides information that motivates the user to participate in being green by displaying information on the performance and consumption of each building in the hallway.

This business park is developing a truly environmental ecosystem with buildings powered by photovoltaic energy and automatically responding to occupants’ energy needs.

Optimizing consumption lets residents benefit from reduced costs related to Green Leases. The system measures and controls energy consumption which can be cut in half, if not more.

In addition, ARTEPARC offers amenities such as a fitness center, a day care and food service. Additional services include a 1000+ square meter co-working center, meeting space, and a concierge. Community relationships are encouraged through car sharing, a community garden, a sustainable development center, and open areas where colleagues can network and confer.

The first phase of the ARTEPARC LILLE-LESQUIN development began this past summer with the construction of three 7,035-square-meter buildings.

* Smart grid : A smart grid integrates new technologies and information as well as communicates directly with the electrical grid. Equipment is able to communicate and the system reacts to the actions of those using the electrical systems while ensuring that electricity is delivered in the most efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly way possible.

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