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January 2016

Gexpertise Nord responds to the metrological needs of industry

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Nine months after opening its Lille offices, Gexpertise Nord, measurement expert, meets the demands of the metalworking industry and provides the ultra precision it requires.


Growth in the Lille metro area

Founded in September 2015 and located in Lille’s Euralille neighborhood, Gexpertise Nord is part of the Gexpertise Group’s overall national strategy.

“Nord Pas-de-Calais Picardie is the third most important region in France and an area that distinguishes itself with excellent economic performance and a competitive location. Opening our Lille offices is a concrete step within our plan to expand nationally to satisfy our clientele’s needs,” states Éric Malenfer, CEO of the Gexpertise Group.


Exacting precision

The Gexpertise Group, one of France’s leading measurement companies, acts through the Gexpertise Nord office to meet the industry’s preventive maintenance requirements. “To avoid the malfunction of technical production line equipment, the metalworking industry has called upon our expertise in metrology and precision surveying and we are involved directly in the production process, to ensure correct measurement. We work with various departments working together, including Process, Quality, New Projects and Maintenance Operations,” explains Michel Vieillard, surveyor and manager of the Gexpertise Nord office. The metalworking industry estimates that it costs between € 100,000 and 300,000 per hour when production is halted and this leads to the need for ultra precision in the world of today.


3D contributions to surveying

Using cutting-edge equipment (Leica TM50 total station and Faro X 330 laser scanner), two experts from Gexpertise Nord verify the 3D positioning of 13 elements (on 50 meters of the 400 total in the production line) of a steel rolling machine with sub-millimeter precision (less than a millimeter!). Capturing a dense 3D point cloud allows a surveyor to monitor the 3D process without any direct contact with surfaces that are inaccessible to the operator. This rapid process and the ability to quickly understand client needs, as well as the operational process and the fine adjustments possible with the precision tool, enable survey measurements and element dimensions to be verified with the utmost accuracy. By guaranteeing the reliability and traceability of the measurements it provides, the company, participating directly in the manufacturing process, contributes to mastering what is at the heart of industrial success.

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