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June 2015

Digital testing leader StarDust opens Lille offices

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Software quality assurance expert StarDust is pursuing its regional expansion strategy and has selected the Lille metro area for its dynamic landscape within the French business environment. Starting Monday, June 8, StarDust will open its doors in the Euratechnologies business park and plans to create 10 high-level positions for sales reps, analysts and project managers by 2018.

The arrival of industry leader StarDust to the Lille metro area contributes to the richness of the regional digital scene and strengthens the Lille is French Tech concept, says Luc Doublet, President of Lille’s agency. The agency has been providing support services and business consulting to StarDust for the past five months.

With 36 employees located in Marseille (company headquarters), Paris and Montreal, StarDust has made its mark in the computer industry in just a few years thanks to its unique positioning: it offers testing services specifically focused on digital products (websites, mobile apps, email campaigns, connected objects and more) before they go live.


StarDust selects Lille for proximity to e-commerce and retail leaders

A European metro area that has been awarded the French Tech label like Marseille where StarDust originated, the Lillle metro area is also a gateway to northern Europe and a economic power house with a strong entrepreneurial tradition. “StarDust has several clients in Lille and opening offices in this region was key,” indicates François-Joseph Viallon, CEO and co-founder at StarDust. In addition, by choosing the Euratechnologies business park, StarDust’s goal was to be close to e-commerce and retail leaders as well as to assist regional players with the process of converting to digital.


StarDust conducts client visits for digital project analysis

“In a world that is becoming more virtual by the day, it is crucial to maintain strong relationships,” adds Cédric Milton, who heads up the Lille offices. “Being physically near our clients is very important for our approach to testing services. This is why, very early, we decided to open regional offices in Paris in 2013, Montreal in 2014, and in Lille today. Very often, the testing stage takes place at the end of the production chain and we need to be able to react extremely quickly. We recruit technical talent that excels at on-site analysis and assisting our clients with their digital projects.” The Lille StarDust office will house a sales team, project managers and analysts and will use the Marseille and Montreal production centers.


Educating the digital industry about the importance of testing

A new member of the Pôle Régional Numérique (PRN) [Regional Digital Network], StarDust would also like to become active in the regional digital landscape and educate this community about the importance of testing. “Even today, too many websites, applications and email campaigns go live without having been tested properly, due to a lack of time, means, manpower, etc. This has a de facto impact on a brand’s image and also on the brand’s bottom line,” explains Cédric Milton. “Creating relationships with local players, singing the praises of the value of testing, and ensuring that the idea of quality is naturally integrated into the production cycle” are the goals that StarDust has set for itself.

StarDust’s Lille-based clients include: 3 Suisses, Auchan, Boulanger, Leroy Merlin

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