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January 2016

Belgium sound expert Asona now in Lille

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Does the noise at your favorite restaurant give you a headache? Are you overwhelmed by the racket in your apartment building? Asona helps people get the peace and quiet they need. Located in the Euralille business park, Asona provides superior soundproofing solutions and is taking on the French market.

Asona has the highest standards of professionalism and offers a quick and streamlined installation process for interior soundproofing. The Belgian company stands out from the competition with its soundproofing solutions that succeed in preserving a building’s esthetics.  Traditional noise reduction processes entail complex construction techniques and use materials like plaster and cement. Installation is complicated and time-consuming due to the multiple layers required. Asona offers an esthetically pleasing alternative that can be installed up to 60% faster when compared with traditional soundproofing.


Innovative sound-reduction products

  • Sonaspray® is a textured spray that can applied to ceilings and walls made of metal, concrete, plaster, wood and more.
  • Sonacoustic® is a sound-absorbing material for interior use with a flat, smooth decorative finish.
  • Sonatherm® is a dual thermal material for use on ceilings and is a long-lasting solution for insulating industrial-sized spaces (garages, hangars and other large areas.)


An impressive client list

Hotels, restaurants, museums, libraries, schools, commercial and open spaces and more use Asona. The applications for Asona’s products are only limited by your imagination. They are particularly useful for high-end structures requiring acoustic treatment because they ensure an attractive appearance where walls and ceilings need to be smooth.


Expertise in acoustic insulation

Imported from the United States, Asona products are patented and ISO 9001:2008 certified. Over a period of 35 years, many projects throughout the world have proven the materials’ performance and successful installation process. “The cellulose used in our products is a natural, high-performance noise-reduction material. It requires specific installation expertise. Our team uses a unique projection technique and applies the insulation in a single layer,” explains Theo De Moor, Managing Director of Asona France.


Acoustic performance: penetrating the French market

Projects in France are managed from Belgium by the Antwerp team. Theo de Moor notes that “for a northern European company like mine, Lille is the perfect port of entry for expanding into France. Our clients are mostly in Lille and Paris and several companies like SDI and the BFC Group are interested in representing us.”

Ongoing projects include the Michel Servet school in Lille, the Lilliad Learning Center at Université Lille 1, a Mercure hotel in Paris and others.


An outlook on recruiting

Open since the beginning of August 2015, Asona France plans to recruit and train specialized technicians to work on additional projects. Theo de Moor estimates the company will bring in €1 million in sales in 2016.

Asona—a name that’s going to make some noise in the construction industry.


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