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September 2015

Be a good neighbor with VoisinMalin!

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Public services lacking in declining neighborhoods

5 million French citizens live in underprivileged urban areas (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) where illiteracy, poverty, decaying housing infrastructure, unemployment and crime are growing problems. The deterioration of these neighborhoods causes public services to be withdrawn and, as a result, today, residents are wary of public institutions. The government is investing €40 billion in redeveloping these neighborhoods and VoisinMalin’s goal is to recreate a connection with families who have learned to live outside the larger community.

Encouraging the (re)birth of a positive dynamic

This is where VoisinMalin comes in. It’s a social business, one that is focused on contributing to the community at large. Founded five years ago, it has already proven its approach in seven cities in the Paris region including Courcouronnes, Ris-Orangis, Aulnay-Sous-Bois, Grigny, Montreuil, Evry and Paris itself. The city of Lille wholeheartedly supports its mission.

Approach: The company’s approach is to create teams led by neighborhood residents and encourage the (re)birth of a positive dynamic. These “good neighbors,” as they are called, talk to other neighborhood residents about the services being offered by local groups (housing associations, local governments, public service entities, businesses). The team members also share important information with their neighbors about issues that impact daily life in the neighborhood.

Through its partners, Voisin Malin is reviving neighborhoods that have been in decline. The company also helps put the spotlight on residents’ (often forgotten) skills and abilities.

Change is coming to Lille Sud!

In addition to the Paris region, this big-hearted company is also targeting Lille. Already up and running in the Lille area, the company will kick of its first contract, with a housing association, in September 2015. VoisinMalin is currently recruiting five people for its team in northern France. The plan is to have 20 employees in place within the next three years.
Congratulations for this social initiative and welcome to Lille!

Extra: view a short video and get to know your future good neighbors at VoisinMalin (French).

Qu’est-ce que VoisinMalin ? from VoisinMalin on Vimeo.

For additional information, contact Baptiste Cabaret, manager for the Lille location project:
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