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June 2015

Training and employment: Invest In Digital People facilitates access to IT careers

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To address the recruiting needs of the information technology industry, service companies and regional leaders in the sector decided to face the issue head on by creating Invest In Digital People.
This workgroup, co-chaired by Lille’s agency, is making this ambitious project a reality: attracting, training and maintaining a pool of young regional talent for the industry.

A program that meets demand

After taking stock of existing training, representatives for the project’s founding companies went on the offensive last September by setting up a program that increases visibility within the student population:
Level I – Before Graduation: Educate students in junior high and high school (and their parents!) about careers in information technology
Level II – Higher Education: Communicate with students and promote new digital work-study curricula
Level III – Continuing Education: Define a sustainable path for job seekers to join the industry as well as form a partnership between local training and employment organizations to create a 400-hour training program, followed by permanent placement at one of Invest In Digital People’s member companies.

IT training and a guaranteed position!

9 months after the beginning of the program, the experiment was proven a success with ten job seekers trained and employed. Candidates are first preselected by the HR departments of the pilot companies and the local job service agency. The candidates must meet certain criteria: study in a science-related field (but not information technology) and a college diploma, while also demonstrating their motivation and professionalism during the interview process. The ten candidates selected followed a technical training program from September to December 2014 and began their new lives as developers in January 2015!
With this first success, the initiative will be expanded by bringing new partner companies into the program.

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