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September 2015

Security, relocation and quality of life: an interview with Romain Chazel

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12007151_10153558206508608_220772485_nMore than a year after the opening of the Verisure call center in Villeneuve d’Ascq, Securitas Direct can congratulate itself on a positive outcome. We met up with Romain Chazel, Director of Human Resources, at the site to find out how it all began and more about this successful location.


You’ve now celebrated your first year in Haute Borne. What’s been happening with the team since your arrival?

The team is doing great! It’s grown quite a bit in a year, from 50 people, when we opened the new location in January 2014, then the staff was mainly in client services, remote monitoring and telemarketing. Now we have 230 employees, having integrated new services, including additional positions in client relation clients, IT, training and HR. Having different groups work side by side has been what has really created a cohesive team over the past months. Today, what makes our location stand out is that we have a very close-knit team.


Let’s talk about how you ended up where you are today. How did you broach the topic of moving to Lille with your Paris colleagues?

In the beginning, there was a group of five of us who were involved in the personal and professional challenge of getting the Lille site up and running. One of the challenges we faced was to convince our colleagues to follow us! Of course, they may have had negative preconceptions of life in northern France and held clichéd stereotypes due to being unfamiliar with the region. However, the internal campaign to promote the project and relocation, assisted by the team at Lille’s agency, reassured them with information about how life in Lille really is. 120 employees attended two informational sessions and it was a bona fide success because over 20 of our colleagues ended up moving to Lille, taking part in this personal and professional adventure with us.


Setting aside the clichés, this relocation project involved a complete lifestyle change. How did the team deal with this?

One of the biggest concerns was to figure out where we were going to live. It was very important that our employees felt supported during the relocation process. Your team was very available to answer any questions about living in the region. You were able to connect us with the right local contacts. Your assistance in finding lodging helped diffuse the situation and reassured our employees who wanted to relocate.

And, I’m going to tell you a secret: the families who relocated will never go back to life in Paris now that they’ve tasted life in Lille. There’s a certain quality of life here that makes their new lifestyle a lot more comfortable than it was in the capital!

If you’d like detailed information on how Lille’s agency was able to entice an entire team of Parisians to move to northern France, take a look at our business case.


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