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November 2015

Roubaix: November 25, 2015—a milestone in Blanchemaille

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Blanchemaille welcomes innovative, connected commerce

The town of Roubaix wanted to create a digital center for excellence focused on connected commerce. As a result, at the end of November, Blanchemaille inaugurated a 2000 m² space for project. This brings to a head the Lille community’s desire to invest in innovation and new technologies—the region was well-represented at the project press conference, with Damien Castelain, president of the Métropole Européenne de Lille (MEL); Guillaume Delbar, mayor of Roubaix; Pierre de Saintignon, president of the center of excellence, SPL EuraTechnologies; and Nathalie Balla and Eric Courteille, co-presidents of La Redoute.


Giving a boost to an industry undergoing a (r)evolution

A pioneer in commerce and distribution networks, the city nurtures a culture of innovation and would like to boost this sector in transition. The Blanchemaille community’s new mission is to promote innovative projects. In a former La Redoute space, a location full of symbolism, there will now be a business incubator and accelerator, meeting rooms, and even a room dedicated to experiments. No matter what their stage of development, promising ideas will be able to find their place within this giant laboratory.
Strengthened by a network of local partners and mentors (EuraTechnologies, Plaine Images, the OVH Campus, La Redoute alumni, IDGroup and other leading companies), this pillar of connected commerce offers new perspectives in the Lille metro area. It will stimulate the creativity of the region’s vibrant talent pool, using their knowledge of the digital world to encourage the creation of tools that will revolutionize e-commerce.
We can’t wait to see its first successes!


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