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December 2013

Relocation Services, a mobility solution

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Let’s say I’ve decided to move to Lille in 2014.

How would I manage the many necessary steps? I’d have to find a new place to live, a school for my kids, and what about the career of my spouse? How could I best organize my move?

To answer such questions, we talked with François Brunet, manager of “Creative Attitude”, the participative innovation programme for employees at Auchan, who moved from Béziers to Lille in February 2013 as part of a reassignment. The solution seemed clear: relocation services.

Assisted by a relocation agency for 3 weeks, François Brunet confirms that “this solution is ideal in a situation involving a life change, both individually and for the family. If time is tight – 3 weeks to move in my case – it makes things possible.”

His mobility counsellor searched for housing according to his list of specifications, pre-visited the sites, prepared documentation on the Lille metropolitan area, organized two days of visits for the pre-selected residences as well as local schools, and contacted the main service operators and civil authorities. “Efficient, professional support and a reassuring human approach, … very useful when my wife and I were so preoccupied with selling our old house and looking for a new home in the dead of winter and in record time!” he says.

For my move, I’d therefore call on a relocation agency, whose role is to advise, manage, organize, coordinate and assist employees who are reassigned or recruited, helping them integrate into their new environment under optimal conditions. That’s the secret to getting up to speed fast in a new personal and professional life, whether you’re moving 100, 1000 or 10,000 miles away.

What a load off my mind. Lille in 2014? Let’s go!

About relocating services in France

The first relocation agency in France was founded in 1978, but such services were offered in the USA as far back as the 1960s, before arriving in Europe via the UK. Agencies provide help to companies (for internal mobility) as well as individuals.

In 2013, the French relocation sector represented about 35 million euros, and 25,000 families assisted. It is a service that keeps growing throughout the world and has diversified well beyond the simple search for housing: discovery of the new environment, help in integration, coordinating the move, administrative formalities, etc.

In France, these agencies can be affiliated with the SNPRM (Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Relocation et de la Mobilité), which has about a hundred members. They can also belong to EuRA (European Relocation Association), its European counterpart, which boasts more than 500 members.

In an ever-changing world, in a complex economic context, more and more companies are choosing externalisation. Relocation agencies perfectly meet the needs of Human Resources, providing a single point of contact for greater efficiency and cost optimisation.

A stress-free employee is an efficient employee, so don’t hesitate!

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