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March 2015

Lille: sports and the business of innovation

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Today, sports are everywhere in France. TV rights are exploding and the big sporting goods brands are constantly innovating. By hosting various athletic events, Lille and the surrounding area contribute to the international sports scene. The Lille metro area is on its way to becoming a new playing field for the major participants in the business of sports.


Lille’s unique and modern sports infrastructure

2014 was Lille’s best year yet for sporting events: a stop on the Tour de France, the Davis Cup final, the rugby Top 14 semi-finals along with the annual appearance of the legendary Paris-Roubaix. This year, Lille will welcome the Eurobasket championship and will host several Euro 2016 soccer matches.

Local sports teams and structures encourage the practice of sports, organize major sporting events and contribute to the industry:

  • Stade Pierre-Mauroy in Villeneuve d’Ascq: soccer, rugby, tennis, motocross and more plus 50,000 seats
  • STAB Velodrome in Roubaix: track cycling, BMX, badminton
  • Stadium Nord in Villeneuve d’Ascq: rugby, track and field and soccer
  • The Palacium in Villeneuve d’Ascq: sports hall, women’s basketball center (Villeneuve d’Ascq basketball association)
  • PUBECO in Orchies: basketball sports complex

Businesses are taking advantage of this enthusiasm to gain a stronghold and position Lille as an indisputable leader in France’s sports industry.


Oxylane (Decathlon) knows innovation: The Kipstadium

The Oxylane group lives innovation every day. After creating the Domyos fitness center concept in 2009 and BTwin Village in 2010, now it’s time for the , the name of Kipsta’s international headquarters. In just a few days, it will open its doors at the Union center of excellence and green district located between Roubaix and Tourcoing.

This center offers a place for those dedicated to the practice of team sports, including both visitors and clients, and serves as a sports laboratory for the next innovations to come from the companies that work together under the Kipsta flag. The center showcases a 900 square-meter retail store, a restaurant with patio, offices, and work and meeting rooms that serve a staff of more than 80 employees.


AMOS: A pool of talent for the sports industry in Lille

Human resources are the raw material that create the foundations of any business. The goal is to attract the best, keep them on board, and value their contributions. In the years to come, businesses will locate where they find the most skilled workforce; this has become one of the most important criteria that businesses consider before selecting a new location. Lille must be able to compete with the big players when it comes to attracting the right talent. This is why AMOS, the International Sport Business School in Lille, has been training high-level managers, MBAs, entrepreneurs and agents in all areas of sports management since September 2012.

Lille’s proximity to the European sports capitals of Paris, London, Brussels and Amsterdam has created attractive prospects in the sports industry for Lille metro businesses as well as opportunities for recruiting talent. The Lille area attracts French and international businesses looking for a positive business environment and a high-quality labor pool.


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