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February 2016

Lille climate Tour #2 : Ovilleo, ultra-modern water treatment station

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Last week, we introduced you to the company Pocheco, a perfect example in the Lille metro area of the concept of ecolonomie, when an environmental approach is also a profitable one.

For the second phase of the Climate Tour* in Marquette-lez-Lille, we visit with world leader Ovilléo.


Ovilléo, a new generation of sewage treatment

The water treatment station in Marquette-lez-Lille is an engineering powerhouse. In operation since 1969, the Ovilléo station had a make over in September 2014 and is now the pride of Lille area leaders.


Cleaned water released responsibly

Responsible for water treatment for 37 of the 85 communes within the metro area, Ovilléo uses cutting-edge technology for water and sewage treatment such as the Hybas™ and Exelys™ solutions developed by OTV, a subsidiary of  Véolia. These processes optimize the treatment of sludge by:

  • producing at least 25 to 35% less dry matter
  • producing 30 to 50% more biogas
  • being odor free


Low energy consumption

Constructed with green walls designed by Patrick Blanc (botanist and inventor of the green wall), solar panels and a heat recovery system, the building is self-sufficient from an energy standpoint due to its use of the biogases generated. The building meets low-energy building label standards. The station is located in an urban area and another advantage it touts is that it emits very little odor thanks to innovative treatment of sludge and its “electronic nose” that controls odor pollution.


Biodiverse and integrated into the surrounding area

The company’s renovation project enabled the station to be integrated into an urban environment.

Almost 17 acres have been transformed into a wetland with the planting of more than 20,000 trees and shrubbery. Encircled by a high-speed road, the Deûle canal, a forest and homes, this classified site is marked by expectional biodiversity in the heart of a metro area that is host to a population of 1.1 million residents.


A world leader right here in northern France

“Innovative, efficient, attractive, environmentally sound and a welcome partner,” is how Ovilléo is described by Sébastien Leprêtre, Mayor of La Madeleine and Vice-President of Métropole Européenne de Lille in charge of sanitation.

The Marquette station is recognized as a leader in its industry and was nominated by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) as one of the four projects of the year worldwide for 2014.

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Co-organized by Cerdd and MEL, the “Climate Tour” is a program visiting commercial sites in the Lille metro area to learn more about the actions taken by sustainable development leaders.

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