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January 2016

Lille climate tour #1 : Pocheco

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The COP 21 ended on December 11 in Paris. We participated in this event to be able to meet up with men and women focused on environmentally responsible action.

Within 60 years, the temperature will rise in Lille by 1.37° C as opposed to 0.9° C in France as a whole.* Activists, those concerned about climate change and politicians are facing the problem head on.

What is the role, then, of the corporate world in all of this and how are companies adapting to climate change? How and why must they modify the production process in addition to simply reducing energy costs?

For the next three weeks, read our blog and check us out on Linkedin and Twitter to learn more about Lille-based companies who innovate in the areas of sustainable development with their environmental business models.

Phase 1: Pocheco in Forest-Sur-Marque


Pocheco: sustainable business practices

Emmanuel_Druon_webEmmanuel Druon is someone who is true to his values in both his personal and professional life. He heads up Pocheco, an SME that manufactures envelopes, pocket folders and specialty paper containers. Pocheco is one of the last remaining independent French family owned companies in the Lille region. For the past 15 years, Druon and his team have been guided by three principles of sustainable development:

  • Reducing environmental impact and pollution prevention.
  • Reducing risk in the workplace while increasing the value of work.
  • Improving productivity for both industrial processes and related activities.


Fiscal and environmental responsibility go hand in hand

An advocate of a profitable environmental approach, coined as écolonomie in French, Druon has a mantra: “It is saves more money in the long wrong to work in an environmentally sound manner than to do otherwise.” And what is his environmentally-focused business model? To engage in solutions that save energy and integrate related solutions within the business unit. Inspired by phytoremediation, the CEO has had a rooftop plant garden installed. This produces energy using a water recovery system and solar panels along with a bamboo garden and fruit trees. Click here for a look at the special features of the company’s green building.


Generate savings and value!

Pocheco has become more productive by reducing its environmental impact through: photo-pocheco-aerienne_web

  • Creating vegetable-based inks and environmentally-friendly envelopes.
  • Recycling water on site.
  • Managing logistics so that deliveries of raw materials and finished products are organized by destination and rail and ship transportation solutions are used whenever possible (the Port of Antwerp is 1.5 hours from Lille).
  • Energy independence.

The company has also improved its employees’ work environment by:

  • Reducing the noise level within its building.
  • Developing a car-sharing system and making work hour changes to avoid traffic jams.

In 1990, the company produced 850,000 envelopes and today Pocheco produces 2 billions. It has plans to reach 3 billions in 2020. In addition, the company studies environmental solutions within a dedicated department and created the Canopée Conseil advisory council in 2009.


*Source: Le Plan Climat-Énergies territorial, MEL Les éditions

Co-organized by Cerdd et MEL, the “Climate Tour” is designed to introduce various leading commercial sites in the Lille metro where action has been taken by leaders in sustainable development.

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