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October 2013

Innovation generates satisfaction

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The financial website has a list of the top 10 ideas from retail. These include the electronic tip jar developed by DIPJAR  ( : the system allows you to leave a tip by credit card in a specific jar. It offers a discrete, practical and easy solution for customers and means that the waiter receives the appropriate amount. The common denominator of the innovations on this list is making shopping more pleasant while reflecting the seller’s desire to satisfy the customer who will leave with a positive feeling from his/her successful purchase. Shortcut the story short, any innovation that not only makes shopping efficient but above all creates a unique experience, because it is driven by emotions, has a strong chance of being quickly adopted by customers-consumers. The #VAD.CONEXT trade show, which had been held in Lille from 23rd to 25th October, showcased a number of innovations by companies or start-ups in Lille and its surrounding region, guided by this desire to increase customer satisfaction. This included, for example, the company Colisweb with its express delivery service, completed within 2 hours by means of a network of couriers. Shorter waiting times, satisfied customers! The application developed by Fitizzy helps customers choose the right size of clothes directly from product descriptions on e-commerce sites. This will put an end to items being returned because they are the wrong size. Thanks to the solution offered by Jetedis, a client can personalise a gift purchased on an e-commerce website, by adding a video message. Finally, in cooperation with Leroy Merlin, the “augmented showroom” is an actual white set that becomes interactive with the help of 3D sensors. Its textures are projected so as to allow customers to visualise decoration products and get a real sense of how paint or wallpaper will look. As Romain VOOG, Chairman of Amazon France, said in a recent article in the magazine LSA (23 August, p.13): «My main job is not to know what others do, but how to innovate and better serve my customers».   This article was written by the creative and service economy business unit.

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