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July 2015

Grow your business : plan your project – 3/4

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3rd step out of 4 to grow your business is about planning your development project. The project scope identifies what needs to be accomplished for the project to be considered complete. Remember that plans are essential for ongoing project control and must be used and kept up to date right through the life of the project.

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  • How do I evaluate the various scenarios?
  • How do I leverage these opportunities into well-timed forays into the market?
  • How do I manage the risks inherent to my goals?


Selecting key scenarios using the gartner hype cycle

The Hype Cycle represents a technology’s life cycle and its forward trend at any given moment. By analyzing trends, this tool enables decision makers and entrepreneurs to look forward to the technologies of tomorrow and make strategic decisions that encourage growth.


Create your action plan

Every department in the company has a stake. There are sales action plans and those for marketing, HR, logistics, quality assurance and on and on. Even if the content of each plan is different, the form and the methodology remain the same. Approaching this methodically will pay off in the end. You can tell it’s worth it when you review your goals: define, organize and implement the means to attain the goals you have set.


Measure performance: MANAGEMENT COCKPIT

The goal of the management cockpit is to progressively and simultaneously improve the three pillars of this strategic approach: operational key performance indicators, modeling and measuring objectives by selecting appropriate financial and non-financial indicators as well as a dashboard that presents information about the value and behavior of these indicators in an ergonomic fashion.


Manage your risk exposure

Moving forward doesn’t mean simply accepting any level of risk. It means consciously taking measured, managed risk. Managing risk means knowing how to identify, quantify and reduce it effectively as well as weather any potential economic impact.


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