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June 2015

Grow your business : define your strategic goals – 2/4

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An effective strategy will help you to define the overall direction and goals for your company. Your strategy should articulate how you are going to deliver your products or services in ways that will satisfy your customers. Once you have defined your customers or target market, you need to start developing and implementing tactics to reach them.

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  • What makes my organization unique and what is its fundamental purpose?
  • Is this clearly communicated to my customers?
  • Can the company leverage this to generate a profit?


Define your priorities for growth

Depending on your development cycle, you may focus on the end goal (launching a new service, for example), or a financial target (during a downturn, for example).

Capture the value found in your new environment

Regions aren’t just simply geographic divisions, but rather, they provide a framework within which to carry out collective development. Geographic proximity facilitates business opportunities, mutual benefit, and cooperation on innovative projects.
Identify the local key success factors of your business model developed locally :
Conduct your business according to the three rules of sustainable development (economic, environmental and social) to maintain your reputation, anticipate risk, and promote innovation within your market.

Identify your champions

To accomplish true change, employees need independence and the ability to be able to make their own decisions. These elements have become very important for the increasing number of companies who use a collaborative approach. It is critical that companies create a process to identify and manage high performers while implementing strategies to help them grow, increasing retention.


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