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Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 #BuildTheFuture

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Organized by Ernst and Young and L’Express magazine, the Entrepreneur of the Year program* has honored the women and men who are part of the world of entrepreneurs for over 20 years.
These champions of the business spirit are selected from seven regions around France and compete at the regional and national level for Entrepreneur of the Year. For northern France, the winner is…


Proplast, voted regional Entrepreneur for Northern France

BERTHE Pierre PDG ProplastOn September 28, 2015, in Lille the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year for the northern France region was announced: Pierre Berthe, President and CEO of Proplast. Active in the European market since 1990, Proplast is now worldwide.

The jury looked at Proplast’s successes:
• The company is a leader in plastics engineering in France
• It is the only company with expertise in both areas of the industry: manufacturing machines at Mecapack and manufacturing packaging at Nutripack
• A strategy founded on innovation
• International growth: 8 subsidiaries in Europe and a worldwide distribution network
• Operational excellence recognized with a long list of awards and distinctions

Other winners in the north:

Startup of the Year: Richard Ollier (Giroptic)
Global Business Award: Arnauld Daudruy, President and CEO Olvea Group
Born Global Award: Elise Demange and Nicolas Dubois, Presidents and Founders of Celenys
Strategic Vision Award: Jean-Marie Savalle, President and CEO of Isagri
Disruptive Strategy Award: Matthieu Delhaize, President and CEO of Calnauto
Social Engagement Award: Gérard Bellet, Co-founder of Jean Bouteille
Special Jury Award: Thomas Thumerelle, President and CEO of D3T Distribution-Motoblouz


And the winner is…

The national entrepreneur award was presented Tuesday, October 13, 2015 to Gilles Falc’hun, head of the dairy group Sill, located in Brittany.

* Entrepreneur of the Year is the most prestigious award in the world within the entrepreneurial community. Created in 1986 by Ernst and Young in the United States, today, the program exists in more than 140 cities and more than 60 countries. It awards more than 900 exceptional winners every year. The international award is given to the World Entrepreneur of the Year.
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