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April 2013

A region that cares about manufacturers

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Key strategic factors for successfully setting up an industrial site include logistics, innovation, labour and energy. Today, all these conditions are fulfilled in Lille Metropolis.

France no longer has a manufacturing industry. Could it be brought back? Yes: the ambition of Lille Métropole is to respond to the issues and expectations identified by manufacturers, such as the requirements of small series production and customisation, intellectual property, the quality process and the quality of infrastructures.
Thanks to operating costs which are 10% lower than those experienced by its European rivals*, Lille Métropole enables competitive manufacturing growth.

Electricity costs are, on average, between 20 to 35% lower than the costs experienced by our German, Belgian and English neighbours*.

This competitive advantage is strengthened by the quality of a secured electricity network.

The territory excels in this area, with power outages of only 52.6 minutes per year**.

Lille Metropolis is now a very competitive resource for manufacturing and high tech organizations.
Lille Metropolis has adapted its offer to respond competitively to new challenges faced by future European regions leaders.

*Ersnt&Young/NFI – April 2013 study
**ERDF data

This article was written by the Productive economy business unit.

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