Conventions and partnership
Conventions and partnership

December 2014

A Web Platform to Support Investment in Eurometropolis

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There’s no longer a border between Lille and Belgium!

Created on January 28, 2008, the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai Eurometropolis is a European Territorial Cooperation Group (ETCG). It brings together 147 French and Belgian communes and their 2.2 million inhabitants. The Eurometropolis agency promotes the region and has multiple missions, including:

  • making cross-border cooperation possible throughout the Eurometropolis region,
  • improving quality of life for its citizens on a daily basis,
  • facilitating, supporting and accomplishing projects that promote cross-border success.


A new promotional tool in the digital age for the Eurometropolis

With the support of the European Union (under the Interreg IV program), in December 2014, the Eurometropolis partners, including Lille’s agency, launched the platform. Its purpose is to attract investors to the Eurometropolis region.

The platform will evolve along with the main web Eurometropolis portal under development for 2015. It will share content about new economic cooperation developed within the Eurometropolis Strategy 2020 framework.


Learn more about Eurometropolis.

Click here to access the official press reslease.


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