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03 June 2020

Euridis Business School opens a new campus in Lille!

Euridis Business School arrives in Lille  After Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes and Aix-en-Provence, Euridis Business School establishes a campus in Lille and will open its doors to students in Fall 2020.  Euridis is a business school that teaches sales, negotiation and business savvy for the […]

09 July 2020

Shop in Confidence at Trusted Shops!

Trusted Shops, an IT solution and destination marketing solution for e-commerce, has chosen Lille as the location for its office in France. The German company, headquartered in Cologne, has more than 500 employees throughout Europe. Its objective is to strengthen […]

13 October 2019

ArtFX, a leading educational institution for special effects, has selected the Plaine Images location for its new 2020 campus

Metropolitan Lille, the obvious choice To meet the growing demand for trained professionals in the audiovisual space, ArtFX made a decision to open a second location. Founder & President Gilbert Kiner received support from the teams at Pictanovo, Plaine Images and Lille’s Agency and selected the Lille metro area and the […]

21 October 2019 opens new customer service center in Tourcoing

The travel e-commerce platform, headquartered in Amsterdam (Netherlands), opened a new customer service center in Tourcoing on Friday, October 2019, within the Lille metropolitan area.    Lille’s agency: a partner to In 2011, was in heavy growth mode and looking for the ideal location […]

07 January 2016

Belgium sound expert Asona now in Lille

Does the noise at your favorite restaurant give you a headache? Are you overwhelmed by the racket in your apartment building? Asona helps people get the peace and quiet they need. Located in the Euralille business park, Asona provides superior […]

30 November 2015

Roubaix: November 25, 2015—a milestone in Blanchemaille

Blanchemaille welcomes innovative, connected commerce The town of Roubaix wanted to create a digital center for excellence focused on connected commerce. As a result, at the end of November, Blanchemaille inaugurated a 2000 m² space for project. This brings to […]

02 November 2015

Techshop Arrives in France

During World Forum 2015, we had the opportunity to meet up with Mark Hatch, co-founder and CEO of Techshop. A leader in the American maker movement, he shared his passion and the history of his company that is revolutionizing everyday […]

24 September 2015

Need a digital expert ? TeamInside open a new busness in Lille

Founded by Jean-Sébastien Hongre, a 15-year industry veteran, TeamInside provides client companies with digital strategy experts to fill out their internal teams during peak activity times, when specific skills are required or when a new project requires additional human resources. […]

EDHEC Lille, one of France’s top four business schools, organized a conference on March 5th in honor of the founding of the Strategic Retail Management Club. The conference addressed the digital transformation that is taking place within the retail industry. […]

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