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Our business consulting services :
co-piloting your development

Our priority: to guide your project, from conception to completion. We deliver tailored innovative solutions to meet with your expectations and issues.

Creator of opportunities

Business opportunities

Through business contacts and partnerships, we create opportunities by bringing together a company’s goals and available resources.

Smart interface creating value

Strategic analysis

We translate business leaders’ strategic intentions into actionable growth projects by defining together what conditions lead to success.

Risk Manager

Risk Manager

We work with companies to identify the risks inherent to their goals and make recommendations that minimize exposure.

Talent management

Talent management

We help attract talent and assist companies’ growth by encouraging sustainable professional growth within the Lille region.

Mobility partner


Assisted by local partners, we help companies with their relocation plans and facilitate the arrival of employees and their families.

Communications expertise


We advise companies on multi-channel strategies customized for their new business environment. We can start the process as soon as they announce their intention to locate in the Lille metro area.


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